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New ”123 Pledge” set to mobilize global action on food loss and waste as key climate strategy

In November 2022, at COP27, the „123 Pledge”

kicked off to accelerate action

to reduce food loss and waste worldwide. The new Pledge challenges governments,

businesses, chefs and other important actors in the food system to commit to concrete

steps that will make reducing food loss and waste a part of their action agendas on

greenhouse gas emissions.

The way food is produced and consumed today results in high rates of food loss and waste.

An estimated 14% of food is lost in the food supply chain from post-harvest up to

wholesale included. Meanwhile, 17% of food is wasted at the retail and consumer levels.

This food loss and waste cost the global economy over USD $1 trillion annualy. It is also

responsible for more than four times the greenhouse gas emissions of all annual aviation



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